Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nautical Bunting and recycling Copper Piping

I made this nautical bunting at a workshop run by Karen Berry
 Our Tabby cat wondered if this was a new toy for her !

A useful way to recycle Copper piping
Can you see the curtain rail Hubby made out of Copper Piping in the photo ?  Our old curtain rail was useless. The curtains always got jammed and never ran smoothly around the Bay Window before Hubby thought of using Copper Pipe which bends easily. 


  1. Dear Marion - such a long time since I visited - sorry - I've been missing your great recycling ideas. For sure this is a good one and love your nautical bunting. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful month of May. Take care.

  2. Bunting instantly creates a feel-good atmosphere. When I was at college I had it draped all around where I worked.

  3. Thank you for commenting Debbie and Cro. I love bunting but unfortunately my four cats do too ! Marion x