Sunday, 20 March 2011

Stressful week

The last week has been so stressful. Our 31 year old daughter went missing for 2 days. We had to call the Police  who were very helpful and helped us think calmly. After 2 nights away she phoned to tell us where she was and the Police collected her. We are still trying to cope with the situation. Crafting has been the last thing on my mind but I will get back to it sometime.


  1. OMG - Marion, how awful..!! I hope everything will be okay for you daughter, you & your family.
    Thinking of you...
    Jo. x

  2. My god, I'm not surprised you were stressed. I hope you can put this behind you now and I'm really glad that your daughter is back safe and sound :-)

  3. My thoughts and wishes go out to you all that things settle down - what a scary time.

  4. We have calmed down at last. She was very stressed and needed time out. Luckily she sensibly went to a women's refuge for 2 nights. It was so out of character so were really panicking. Thanks Jo, Cathy and Chrissy for being there for me. I really appreciate your support Marion xxx