Friday, 20 May 2011

Recycling ring binders

My old ring binder got too tatty to use. The carboard cover went in our recycling bin.

 I found a use for the metal bit.

It had 2 holes already in it. I Screwed it onto some wood where I needed it.  It could be used horizontally or vertically inside or outside but it could go rusty outside.  It has so many uses...hanging up garden tools, brooms etc.....

I could never find the net for our garden pond. Now it has a home

Project complete and Ted has been happily watching me.  I sent this to the Prima Magazine for their recycling tip page.  It would be so exciting to see it in the magazine one day  : )


  1. Another good use you have found. How is Ted doing nowadays? He looks pretty happy in the picture

  2. What a great recycling idea...!! Hubby always has bits & bobs in the shed that would be better off hung up......
    Thanks Marion. xx

  3. Thanks for your comments Chris and Jo. Ted is nearly 12 and more tired but otherwise really well. His cancer treatment was a success. Thanks for asking about Ted Chris. Marion x