Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to make a fiddly felt Valentine heart

How to make a fiddly felt heart from scraps.  You will see why I call it fiddly if you make one  :-)

A good way to use all your leftover tiny scraps of felt ?
A quick and easy Valentine's Day project ?

Turn small pieces of felt into spots with a hole punch. Turn your hole punch upside down to see where you are punching. I use a long pin to help me position the felt and to remove the spots

Spread glue in a heart shape on your chosen surface
Arrange the felt spots randomly onto the heart shape.  Leave to dry


  1. Thanks for this post Marion. I wondered what I could use all my minute bits of felt for and all I thought of was to chop it up tiny and use as part of my stuffing. I love the fluffy look of your heart and can imagine a white cloud or sheep using your method.

  2. I found you blog and I liked it very much!! Your work is fantastic!! I will follow you!! Best regards from Greece!!