Saturday, 9 July 2011

Thank you Chrissy and my Followers

Thank you Chrissy  for helping me start this blog 6 months ago. As my followers know I was bored out of my brain being at home waiting for eye surgery for nearly a year ! I have been back at work for a few weeks now.  I work with adults with learning difficulties and find crafting helps me 'switch off ' after work. Hopefully I will still manage to make a few things between catching up with housework on my days off  :) 


  1. You are most welcome Marion - I said you would find things to put on once you got going. Your blog is a catalogue of usefullness - I don't know how you manage to turn something I would just bin into something really usable -

  2. Your blogs are always full of very useful hints & tips Marion - I love reading them. Good old Chrissy - she's always on hand to help out - a lovely lady....!! xx