Friday, 22 July 2011

My First Blog Prize Draw

 This is taking me ages to knit.  Please guess what I am knitting by 10 th August 2011 to enter my first Blog Prize Draw. The prize will be something that is on my Blog !  Good luck :)

 ( I forgot to take a photo of Chrissy's prize) which was a 
Mini white teddy + Stitchmarkers + Felt pig + Geese needlecase and  easy thread needles + 6 different knitted flowers + Fablon numbers for her wheelie bins

A photo of part of Jo's prize. I also added Fablon numbers for Jo's wheelie bins and a Welsh badge
It was fun to do something different with my blog rather than just adding photos
This was what I was knitting


  1. Well Marion = because you seem to make wonderful things out of nothing I don't really have any idea what you are coming up with!!

    I'll just guess - maybe a bag of some sort in traditional English colours.

  2. Red, white & blue...???
    Is it a knitted flag?
    Jo. xx

  3. Thank you for entering my first prize draw. The First Prize winner is Chrissy and the Second Prize winner is Jo :)

  4. That's a great idea having folks guess what you are making. I'm afraid I have no idea! Such fun!