Friday, 5 August 2011

Family day out. Seven pets to the vets

Tabby's five kittens are now 7 weeks old and nearly half the size of their Mother

They have all been checked over by our Vet now and will be old enough to go to their new homes soon. Billie a little she cat is going to live with our lovely next door neighbours.

Everyone at the Vet's Surgery was so pleased to see Ted.  He is very well after his Cancer Treatment and still loves to swim along his favourite river.  He will be 12 years old in November


  1. Lovely to see the kittens Marion - they look so cute....
    Glad Ted's enjoying himself too...
    Fab photos.. xx

  2. Nice pictures Marion, they all are lovely. What a task that must have been taking all seven to the vets.
    best wishes Julie.C

  3. I absolutely LOVE cats and especially kittens. :) They are so adorable, and so is Ted!