Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Not a good day for making bread with a Breadmaker !

Loaf number one.  I forgot to add water !  I added the water after a few minutes THINKING it wouldn't be too bad as I could hear the bread was still mixing.  Big mistake !  Result 2 hours later.....disastrous !  If I had been making this by hand I am sure I would have noticed That I needed to add water ! 

Loaf number two.  I was happy with this loaf  until my son said  "What is this butter doing in the microwave Mum ? "  I had softened the butter as it was a bit hard before adding it to the dough and then forgot to add it !  . He cut a few slices and said it still tasted ok...phew ! 

Loaf number three.  I forgot to put the stirring paddle in !  It couldn't mix the dough. Menopause or Dementia or just too much on my mind?  I am printing a tick list for next time.  This has made me realize why I prefer to make things by hand.  Once the Start button on the Breadmaker has been pressed it is too late to add forgotten ingredients. 

Brilliant....success at last ?  I don't think so !

The mixing paddle is stuck in the bread.....whoops !


  1. LOL - what a disaster - third time wasn't lucky for you either...!!
    Sometimes the 'old fashioned' way is best...
    Jo. xx

  2. Oh no! I loved the paddle in the bread though, it definitely made me laugh!!! Mistakes make it better the next time

  3. Oh my this is so funny. You def. need a check list for next time... :-)

  4. Thank you Jo, Lydia and Cathy for your comments :) My 26 year old son made a loaf today and also left the mixing paddle out ! Phew it's not just me...what a relief !