Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pregnant again !

I am too hot in this fur coat

Hello there !

I am Izzy and so cute 

I am a Wally 

They called me Wally because I got stuck up this tree.
There are more photos of us in the category CATS
 Tabby's kittens were born on June 16th this year. They are now 4 months old. 
We took Tabby to be neutered and found she is pregnant again !
Her kittens are due to be born in the first week in November
 What do we do now......panicking just a bit !


  1. What a naughty girl...!!! lol.

  2. Kittens are the most adorable animals ever :) I always loved it when our cat got pregnant again, although my mom wasn't happy because it meant trying to find a good home for all of them

  3. haha isn't she just the cutest. I wish you well in getting those kittens adopted :)