Saturday, 5 November 2011

A romantic candle lit evening with ears alight !

Hubby decided to have an early night.  I don't think he had this in mind....hee hee.  His hearing had been getting worse and I kept having to tell him to turn down his volume. It was annoying having to speak so loudly and repeating everything.  I tried HOPI EAR CANDLES last time and knew they worked.  These were cheaper at  only £2 each but they worked just as well.....phew 


  1. They make us laugh don't they, our loved ones.
    Have a fun weekend
    best wishes Julie.C

  2. I've always feared these candles... do they really work?
    Well that was one different evening even if candle lit...LOL!

  3. My Hubby is a fan of these and they really get a lot of wax out - it's surprising. He works as a ceramic tiler and the tile adhesive & grout dust gets everywhere - he's suffered with hard ear wax for as long as he's been doing the job. It's much nicer then having water blasted into your ears!!

  4. I don't know how they work but I am so pleased they do. They somehow soften the wax and it gets sucked up the tube. If you cut open the candle afterwards you can see how much wax etc has been sucked up. Simply brilliant !