Saturday, 10 December 2011

I feel so awful now !

Rats ate the strawberries growing in my greenhouse in the summer.  Now they have eaten a big box of about 100 walnuts I had drying out for Christmas !  I put down a trap and now I feel awful because I have killed the poor rat.....


Thank you Chrissy, Julie, Sue and Jo for your kind comments. This is rat number 2 who is obviously the one who ate the 100 walnuts.  He is enormous !  This time I am not so upset after reading your sensible comments.  Thanks girls.  Marion x


  1. I felt the same when we had to do simiiar, but they breed so fast Marion that one becomes 100's within months. Better one than having to do it to all its offspring later.

  2. I know what you must feel like Marion, its only because you are such an animal lover. But Chrissy is right its the best thing, and it would have been quick.
    Julie.C x

  3. Sometimes we just can't do otherwise!
    A few days ago a wasp ( the temperatires in Italy are still rather cool) got in doors and so I picked the tiny insect that seemed in a bad condition and put it out on the window sill in the sum hoping it would recover with the warmth of the sun and left it there... next day ( the temperatures went down and were close to 3° C) I found the wasp still on the window sill just as I left it and I coluld see it was still alive but suffering... oh I felt so bad for that little creature so the only thing to do was stop its suffering so I had no other choice than to throw it down the window hoping this would have ended its torment.
    Sometimes we can't do otherwise, I'm afraid.

  4. It has to be done Marion....
    As Chrissy & Julie said - they breed so fast & carry such awful disease....