Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to make quick and easy and cheap big bookmarks

I find bookmarks are too small and hard to find in my craft books.  I make big ones from old folders and file dividers.  Cut a folder into strips. Mine are 6cms  wide

Draw a curve on one end by drawing around something round.  Cut along the curve.

Mark the centre and punch a hole with a hole punch

Cut some wool into 30cm lengths whatever colour you like.  I found that 4 lengths of double knitting wool fitted the hole nicely.  Fold the wool in half and feed folded ends into the hole a little way forming loops

Take the cut ends and feed through the loops.  Tighten to secure

Remove cats !  Trim end of bookmark to chosen length.

Decorate the bookmark.  I simply punched lots of flowers and stuck them on but there are lots of other ways you can decorate them

Two of my finished bookmarks.  Have fun making some as they are quick, easy and cheap to make.  I don't have a Laminator but if you do they can be laminated to make them last longer.  They are a  useful gift to make at short notice 


  1. Nice tutorial Marion. Nice results too.

  2. Nice work, Marion, some bookmarks are really too small for certain books,thanks for sharing.

  3. Great idea Marion. Maybe you should submit this to the Totally Tutorials blog!

  4. Ecellent tutorial Marion, but I think the cats wanted some too - lol.