Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Recycled car mats in memory of my dear old OAP

 I recycled my old car mats.  They have been reborn as a lovely practical path in my greenhouse.  When they get dirty I simply lift them up and shake the dirt off 

My dear old Peugeot 106 had to go as I cannot drive now after so many eye operations.  She must have been the most reliable car on the planet and her number plate always made people laugh  : )


  1. Sorry you cannot drive anymore Marion. But, as always you seem to find light where there is dark - a brilliant idea and so practical

  2. Great idea... wish I had a green house too!

  3. Excellent idea - waste not, want not...!!
    Shame you can't drive now - I bet you'll miss it. Never mind, being driven is soooo less stressful - hehehe.
    Jo. xx