Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Eight minute Gingerbread Men testing Poundland Cooking Liner

My old non stick Cooking Liner was expensive when I bought it many years ago... front of photo.
I found one in Poundland today and have just made some Eight Minute Gingerbread Men.
The Poundland Liner is made of different material but it is just as good as the expensive one : )
I was going to decorate the men but they have all been eaten !


  1. Well Mouse Just wanted to say no wonder you didn't get a chance to decorate your Gingerbread Men, they look sooo yummy! I too bought a cooking liner from a store here but still have to test it : )
    Happy Mother's Day weekend,

  2. They do look yummy Marion.
    Glad you joined in the giveaway, thanks for stopping by. Good luck.
    Julie.C xx

  3. They look really good!
    Hope you will have many happy baking hours with your new cooking liner!

  4. What a great bargain..!! I love all these type of shops - I got cross stitch threads from Poundland a few months ago. A pack of 20 for £1. AND the quality was very good too.