Thursday, 28 June 2012

Birthday present for Me. Talking Threads Craft DVD. Whoopee !

My Son bought me a DVD called Talking Threads Series One Get Creative with fabric and stitch for my birthday. I can't wait to watch it : ) The blue Iris bulbs he bought me last Christmas started flowering on my birthday, so they are in the photo too. Talking Threads was a series on TV in 2009.


  1. Happy Birthday Marion... xx
    Looks like a great DVD.

  2. Happy birthday! I just watched the preview for that show on YouTube, and it looks really interesting! And I think taking a picture of the DVD with the flowers from your on is a really sweet idea. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Marion!
    Enjoy your gift!

  4. Thank you Jo, Leah and Sue. Thank you Leah for letting me know there are clips from it on Youtube. I have met a lot of the Textile Artists on it at Craft Shows. They are all brilliant at what they do. Marion x

  5. Oh this is so nice! Happy Birthday Marion and thanks for following me on my other blog :-)