Friday, 3 August 2012

LANDMARK TRUST Can you see the ghost of a dog our dog could see ?

Our dog was really scared in this bedroom on holiday. He kept whining. Now we know why ! He is staring at what looks like a dog or cat in the fireplace ! We didn't see the dog or cat until we saw the photo ( click on the photo to enlarge it to see the spooky dog or cat more clearly )
Can you see the ghost of the dog or cat in the fireplace......spooky !


  1. I believe animals have a sixth sense and can feel the presence of ghosts or spirits. I believe your dog felt some ghostly presence there even if you did not.

  2. I have just had another look at the photo and seen more than one dog ! Marion x Thank you for commenting Sue.

  3. I seem to see two shapes too. I don't like sleeping in old places. They creep me out.

  4. If you click on the photo the dog looks a bit clearer Marion x