Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lazy day baby felt Owl

Owls are very popular at the moment so I just had to make a small applique one.  I was feeling lazy so she is glued together.  I wish I could find a really good user friendly Fabric Glue that wasn't so frustrating to use !
  If you know of a good Fabric Glue that doesn't go stringy and get all over the place PLEASE let me know what it is. 
Many thanks. Marion x


  1. Your little owl is so cute.
    I usually use stick glue , I have used it with felt on paper but I have no idea if you can use it to stick felt on fabric... will have to experiment that.

  2. Love your little owl; and wish I knew of a good fabric glue to help you, but I never ever used one, come to think of it! My favorite glue for just about everything is E6000, but I don't know that I would use it with felts/fabrics, on a project such as this, as I wonder if it might seep/soak through???... LOVE your idea for the old earphones though!!! I'll have to keep that idea in mind, as my own son seems to go through them every now and then. (Always think before you toss, right?!) ~tina

  3. Hi there, your little owl is cute and my fave colours. You can get felt glue from Paper and String.
    Lyn x

  4. Hi there

    your little owl is cute and in my favourite colours :o)

    You can get felt glue from Paper and String.

    Take care, Lyn x