Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Recycling jam jars for sugar, flour, salt etc

I was given some sample pots of Jams and Chutneys for Christmas The jars are cute and small so I am recycling them
Put some masking tape or secure paper to the lid with Selloptape to mark the hole positions
This will stop the Bradawl or nail sliding on the metal 
Punch a few holes with a hammer and Bradawl or nail
You will now have a shaker for dusting Icing Sugar, sprinkling Sugar on your cereals or flouring your work surface for pastry making etc...etc...
If you make the holes small they could also be used as Salt or Pepper Pots
To keep the contents dry you can put a piece of pretty fabric or cling film over the top when you are not using them 


  1. This would be good for the cinnamon sugar mixture we used to put on our toast when we were kids, I think!!.. I'm even thinking this idea would also serve as a shaker for glitter. Once I saw some tutorial on making your own glitter, but oh my gosh, I just don't think I feel THAT ambitious!! (0; I COULD see however mixing several little jars of glitter (for example, I have a few small sized jars of green glitter) into a recycled shaker you show here, to make just ONE full container! I like that! Thanks for the tip!! ~tina

  2. Great ideas Marion.
    Julie.C x

  3. Marion you always come up with such useful and clever tips, thanks.
    Happy Easter!

  4. Thanks for your comments Tina, Julie and Sue. I had only thought about using this in the kitchen so far so your glitter idea is brilliant Tina. Many thanks. Marion x