Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ironing now made easier with 3 Ironing Boards

As usual Wally was very interested in what I was doing !
I bought a new Ironing Board Cover but it was too small
I cut it in half and made it into a small Table Top Ironing Pad
This saves me having to get my big Ironing Board out for small jobs
I had enough fabric to also recover my tatty Sleeve Ironing Board
Hubby let me use his Staple Gun which made the job easier after I unscrewed the arms
I am so glad I bought the wrong size ! Now I have 3 different surfaces I can iron on and I found a pretty new cover 


  1. You're so creative! Nice work!

  2. Good job I'd say! I LOVE your rose ironing board cover. They don't have stuff like that here in the U.S. I'll have to buy some fabric and make one myself. I need a small one like that in the sewing/dining room as there's carpeting in there and my regular board wobbles on the carpet. You're giving me ideas!