Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas Cat and Dog Keyrings. Watercolour Robin

I have been making more Keyrings for Family and Friends

Our Christmas Tree will sadly have to be taken down 
In the UK It has to be down by the 12th night after Christmas
It is unlucky to leave any decorations up after 6th January  
We only put lights on it and a few Pearl Strings this year and hung other decorations out of our Dog's reach on the ceiling !
My friend Sue gave me a Robin Card she had painted herself
 I need to frame it
My plan to spend less time on my PC in 2014 is working well
 3 more projects finished today.  I just need to download photos  
Bye for now Marion x


  1. Love the key chains....great idea! I didn't know it was bad luck after the 6th....I thought the Christmas season ran until the 10th or 12th? My dogs don't bother the tree but this year I didn't put one up...just little ones around the house. I have a new cat so that might have been interesting. My old cat never bothered anything.
    I know...I struggle to stay off the pc too. That's a resolution I should make. Have a great week!

  2. I love the key rings and the robin painting is so nice, we have a few robins coming in the garden. best wishes Julie. C