Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pick up sticks and a Christmas Pudding

I searched high and low for a Christmas Pudding I made from Fimo before Christmas 
Today it appeared suddenly in a pile of Cocktail Sticks which fell out of my Kitchen Cupboard !

 The pile of Cocktail Sticks on the floor reminded me of the simple game of PICK UP STICKS we used to play when I was a child
PICK UP STICKS has always been a fun way to teach children to count and great fun for adults
You have to try to pick up the first stick you touch.  If any other sticks move your turn is over and the next player has a go. Mum used to let us use our first stick to help us remove another stick. We tried flicking one off the pile or pressing down on the pointed end to lift it up. The winner was the person with the most sticks
If you have any Cocktail Sticks left over from Christmas have fun !  


  1. O yes, I remember playing that game too! We had a set of large sticks with different colours. Every colour was a different value to make it more interesting.

  2. We used ice lolly sticks to play this game, wow what memories.
    We really had fun with the simple things!