Thursday, 27 March 2014

March 2014 Our Kitchen Garden this month

The Onions look ok. Our Currant Bushes are moving into an empty raised Bed. I am going to rearrange the Garden around them
Broad Beans.  Pretty amazing really as my daughter found 20 Slugs in the Greenhouse !
Asparagus Peas
Two Lemons. We are still having a few frosts. I am moving everything around after a pathetic vegetable harvest last year 
I have told my Children what I would realley like for Mothers Day and my Birthday instead of flowers is.....Slug Pellets or Nemaslug ! 


  1. Over here I'm waiting for a few days of warm sunshine before rotorvating my whole plot. The red onions are waiting to go in, but nothing else as yet. I like your tabby, he looks exactly like our Freddie (but most tabbies do).

  2. It's already feeling like spring and summer seeing all your seedlings and plants being prepared Marion.
    Enjoy Mothers day.
    best wishes
    Julie.C x


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