Saturday, 1 March 2014

Recycled furry bedsock Easter Bunny Rabbit

We are still waiting for the results of Hubby's MRI  Scan taken over 3 weeks ago !  To unwind I made myself a furry Easter Bunny

This is what I made with my remaining pink furry Bedsock.
 Our Spaniel destroyed the other sock

 I turned the bedsock inside out and draw on a simple bunny shape

  I machined along the outline trying to make both sides even. 
I left an opening along one side of each arm for turning

Edges trimmed. 
 I kept the offcuts to make my bunny a pom pom tail

 Arms turned to furry side and lightly stuffed
Opening along the side of the arms stitched up 
Hole cut in belly for turning to furry side

 Pom pom tail made with a circle of an offcut
Running stitch was sewn around edge of circle
Ends of thread were pulled and tied together tightly after stuffing with offcuts to make a furry ball for bunny's tail

Bunny turned to furry side
 Tail sewn in position after hole in tummy was sewn up
Arms sewn on

Face made with tiny bits of felt added.  Now she needs a name 
Can you think of a good name for her ?


  1. Very clever Marion! It's very cute!
    Hope your husband will have good results, my best wishes for a good outcome.

  2. I love your bunny - what a great idea.
    Fingers crossed for your husband. xxx

  3. Thank you Sue, Anastasia and Jo for your kind comments. Hubby's MRI Scan showed Spinal Cord Compression. Now he is waiting for an appointment with a Neurosurgeon. Marion x