Saturday, 8 March 2014

Recycling dog collars in my garden

You know me. I won't throw anything away if I can find another use for it

 Two old dog collars are now keeping our Bean Sticks tidy
If you want to nail or screw the collars to the side of a Shed they already have holes in making it an easy job to do. 

This is the plastic neck shield our Dog wore after an operation. 
It stopped him licking his wounds.  It is now a useful cloche


  1. And there was me thinking you'd buried some vicars under the Brussels sprouts!

  2. I LOVE your sense of humour Cro. You always make me laugh. Marion x

  3. What a great idea for these. We have had a few of them over the years but they always get too smashed up to reuse. Hope you are well Marion. Any news on your husband yet?
    all the best,

    1. Thanks for asking Shirley. The MRI Scan shows Spinal Cord Compression. Hubby is now waiting for an appointment with a Neurosurgeon. Take care now. Marion x