Friday, 14 March 2014

Tried and tested home made Coleslaw

Now Spring has sprung we are having a few Salads. We ran out of Coleslaw so I tried making some
I chopped up equal quantities of Carrots, Onions and white Cabbage
Then I mixed in a few tablespoons of Mayonnaise
Hubby said it was lovely. Now I want to experiment trying out other ingredients.  I think I will add Sweetcorn next time.  What else would be worth trying ?  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Marion x


  1. I really like a little chopped apple in my gives it a nice sweetness I think. :)

  2. I hadn't thought of apple. I think Hubby would like that. Thanks Kathryn I will try it. Marion

  3. I add apple too and salted peanuts and raisins. Goes great with cold chicken or tuna. Half mayo and half yoghurt works well too.

  4. WOW ! Thanks Anne for some great ideas. Roll on Summer as we will be having more exciting Coleslaw this year. Many thanks. Marion x