Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cooking Rice and opening Jars

I couldn't open this Jar today. I then remembered that when my Mum couldn't open a Jar she used to stab a pair of scissors in the lid to release the vacuum. If you try this tip place the Jar on a non slip surface.  Stand well back and hold the scissors with both hands. 

To stop Rice sticking together Mum used to rinse Rice very well before cooking to remove the starch


  1. Good tip about the rice as I' didn't know that. The stabbing could be a bit dangerous. I always take the handle of a knife and tap the edges of the cap and/or hold it under hot running water a few minutes/seconds.

  2. I do the tapping bit as above; works every time.

  3. I will try the tapping technique next time Sam and Cro. It sounds a lot safer. Marion x