Thursday, 10 April 2014

I'm still here just toooo busy for crafting

I was going to buy a Water Butt stand for our fifth Water Butt but made one out of two old drawers and a piece of scrap wood.  It does the job but may need a lick of paint

Our Green Bin arrived.....yippee !  It will be emptied fortnightly by the District Council. In the UK we have Green Wheelie Bins for anything too big to go in our Compost Bins 

The Sewing Bee finished this week. I really enjoyed watching it

My daughter and our Spaniel Charlie had Birthdays this week. Charlie was limping so I took him on the Bus to the Vet. He loves going on Buses and entertaining the passengers

My Rotavator has been serviced but I still can't start it....grrrrr!

I have been cycling more having put on a few pounds but find cycling is making me more hungry

 Yesterday I took Hubby into town on the Bus in his Wheelchair which cheered him up. I had to book emergency leave to take him to see the Neurosurgeon today.  He is now on the waiting list for an operation.  Hopefully he won't have to wait too long

And finally this week I did have a lovely few hours at...

 Highdown Gardens with friends

Beautiful Anenomes at Highdown
I wonder what next week has in store for me........
Cheerio for now.  Marion x

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  1. We lived behind Worthing in the 60's (up by the golf courses), and I remember Highdown from those days. Lady Stern (the owner in those days) was a friend of my mother's. My mother was a very keen 'garden person'. If I ever return to live in Brighton, I shall re-visit.