Wednesday, 16 April 2014

This week trying to save worms and Worthing

I dug over our Garden with a fork to remove the worms as I didn't want them cut up with a Rotavator. 

Mission accomplished but my back has been hurting ever since. Would I do this again.....NO NEVER !

My daughter has to go to Worthing Hospital every two months. She took this photo of me with the beautiful flowers in the park opposite the Hospital today


  1. Now those are some gorgeous raised beds!
    You are a better woman than I as I would not have dug up worms but then I don't rototill either (as we call it in the U.S.) Are those red worms? The good ones for composting indoors? I'll be outside tomorrow hopefully. Good gardening!

  2. I thought that if worms were cut in half, they simply become two worms. I shall continue my rotovating on that principle!

  3. You have done well and I don't think my back would have recovered though.
    best wishes
    Julie.C x

  4. I really appreciate your comments Sam, Cro and Julie. My back is slowly recovering Julie. The worms are just ordinary garden worms which I rehomed in the Compost Bin Sam. When I did eventually rotavate the worms left in the soil were just flicked around. I definately won't be silly enough to dig them up again. Marion x