Thursday, 1 May 2014

Forget - me - not flowers and a favourite Poem

When to the flowers so beautiful
The Father gave a name,
Back came a little blue-eyed one
All timidly it came
And standing at its Father's feet
and gazing in His face,
It said, in low and trembling tone
with sweet and gentle grace,
" Dear God, the name Thou gavest me,
Alas I have forgot ! "
So kindly looked the Father down
and said: "Forget-me-not."

I have no idea who wrote this Poem
 I always remember it when our Forget-me-nots are blooming as they are now


  1. Gorgeous flowers Marion - I have never really been too successful in growing these but so love seeing them...must be my conditions. So pretty friend.

  2. I had no success with seeds Debbie. I planted these two years ago when they were small plants. They have seeded themselves and love this sunny spot. Marion x


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