Saturday, 24 May 2014

Our Kitchen Garden Review May 2014

I haven't had time to sit on our Garden Bench yet !  I have been busy sieving compost from the Compost Bin to fill our Runner Bean trenches 
We are feeling more positive this year after drenching our Kitchen Garden with Nemaslug nematodes to kill slugs underground. The Greenhouse is full of seedlings of all ages.  As you can see in the photo our cats have been digging up our planted rows of vegetables 
Our Fruit Bushes appear to be happy in the triangular bed I put around them when they spread underground. Most of the greenery in the above photo is Fruit which is doing well .... so far
Rats have got into our Shed and eaten all of our Fish Food....grrrrr
They ate all of our Strawberries in our greenhouse last year
The Lemon, Peach and Pear Trees have mini Fruit on them.....yippee ! The Nectarine and Kiwis are thriving
Berry Fruit growing in the sunniest spot. The Tayberry has a few red berries on it already.  If only our whole garden was this sunny.
That's it for now folks. Cheerio and thanks for dropping by. Marion x 


  1. I haven't been on Bolgger for ages so it's lovely to see your garden with all its lovely produce....
    Green fingers obviously.

  2. I have Tayberries. No fruit yet but they are just about to flourish. We have a few strawberries, and a few cherries. Otherwise I shall be in the woods today looking for Girolles; if they're not up today, they will be next week.

  3. Gardening would be a sight easier without animals! I had mice eat my store of bird food, kept in the garage.

  4. Things are really looking good in your garden, helped along a little of course because of all your hard work! The weather in Sussex must be much warmer than up here in Lancashire.
    Thank you so much for your kind comment while I am under the weather just now. Perhaps now Bank Holiday is over things may get moving on the medical side.
    Love your varied blog.