Friday, 20 June 2014

Bargain plants and our Kitchen Garden update

I think we need a new Wheelbarrow !  Old Rusty now leaks so I am going to recycle her.  She will soon be filled with soil and be used for growing Lettuces.
 I am planting her up with these Living Salad Lettuces from Waitrose. There are loads of rooted mixed Lettuces in a tray for £1
My Daughter said that our Juneberry will only grow to 4 feet high so we planted her under our front window.  She loves it there is and is fruiting well. I have just found out on the Internet that she can grow to 25 feet high......Whoops !
I have read how vegetables can keep growing on Sherrie's Blog
 My Pak Choy stumps are regrowing but have started rotting
 I have now planted them in the garden next to stumps of Brocolli which are resprouting
Have you ever heard a Bee screaming ? I had only heard one buzzing until today. It was being wrapped up by a Spider in a cobweb screaming loudly for help. I fought off the Spider with a stick and rescued it. It stayed on the end of the stick for a while so I managed to take a photo of it before it flew away
Hubby is still waiting for Neurosurgery.  I  took him on the Bus in his Wheelchair to the Garden Centre
We bought some grafted vegetables reduced to £1
Sweet Potato   Aubergines   Cucumber   Plum Tomato   
and a selection of other bargains. 2 Rhubarb 5 Strawberries
 1 Melon  1 Globe Artichoke ( ours all died last year ) 1 Pumpkin
All we have to do now is try to keep them alive !
Hubby fenced off part of the garden last year for a Kitchen Garden
It just isn't big enough so my Daughter and I have taken over another patch.  We have surrounded it with expanding Trellis. We are growing Carrots in bags, Runner Beans and Courgettes in there 
Our Son's Weimaraner dog jumped on the Cold Frame so it needs fixing. Luckily it is made of Polycarbonate not glass !

That's about all for today.  Thanks for dropping by. Marion x


  1. You both are doing wonderful considering your hubby's health. You got some real bargains and I have several "rotted" wheelbarrows but I planted one last year and it got knocked over. I guess that's the way it is with gardening...10 steps forward and 5 steps back or vice versa for me! LOL!
    Good luck with the surgery and I'll be sending prayers your way!

  2. I have recently treated myself to a new wheelbarrow. No rust, no squeaky wheel, and a wonderful pneumatic tyre. The only down-side was that it came in bits and had to be assembled.

  3. Just reading your blog exhausts me - I envy your energy Marion. What a good idea for your wheelbarrow. I have seen one turned into a barbecue too. Take care, love Shirley & Co.

  4. Thank you Sam Cro and Shirley for your comments. I have emailed you Sam. I must buy a new wheelbarrow Cro when I find a smaller one. I will email you Shirley. Take care. Marion x

  5. Love you 'Good Life' blog post - you really work hard in your garden. We are all very impressed with you bee rescue in our house too - well done you..!!

  6. Thanks Jo. If the sun is out I like to be out too. The house is a mess but that can wait for a rainy day. It is just so lovely listening to the birds singing outside and feeling part of nature. Marion x