Sunday, 29 June 2014

I wish you could smell these Sweet Peas

My Sweet Peas are flowering on my recycled Sofa springs shown in my last post. I know I must pick them to keep them flowering but they smell lovely on our Patio so I keep delaying cutting them
The seeds were free with Amateur Gardening Magazine 


  1. At my parents beautiful Shropshire home (they quit West Chiltington for Shropshire) there was a perennial Sweet Pea by the front door. It just grew every year, and became almost like a hedge, needing to be trimmed. It had the beautiful scent and looks of a standard plant, but without having to sow. Oh how I wish I'd kept some seeds.

  2. Hi, Marion, I remember growing sweet peas they have a wonderful scent. Julie.C x

  3. What a great re-purposing of sofa springs or any springs for that matter. I tried growing sweet peas last year but it was too hot here I think and now this year is nice and wet and not as hot....they probably would have done well this year. But, of course, I did not plant them this year. Your's are lovely!

  4. Thanks for all your comments. Cro. I will try perennial ones next year. Well worth growing again Julie. I put them in two vases one upstairs and one downstairs to enjoy their scent. Sam I think it definately depends on the weather. I was really disappointed with them last year. Marion x


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