Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Knitted Poppies in The Storm Gardens in Worthing

I said “ Dear Lord if there is anything interesting I should see in Worthing today please guide me to it “  This is where I was guided to
When I got home I looked up STORM GARDENS and found out about this knitted wooly tree and
 this knitted garland tree and
these poppies. Some are painted, some made of plastic and
these beautiful poppies are KNITTED !
So who produced this wonderful garden on what was wasteland ?
STORM MINISTRIES A Worthing based Charity which runs activities and clubs for children and young people bless them


  1. I once filled the Steyne Gardens with soap bubbles.... naughty boy!

  2. Did they ever find out it was you Cro ? I can imagine a bubbly garden photo on the front page of the paper with the headline WHODUNNIT ! Marion

  3. No, I was never found out. I'd filled an inspection hole (by the fountain) with fairy liquid. It was superb.