Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to recycle a broken Fan in the Garden

My Son somehow managed to break his Fan. I am using one side as a Garden Sieve. The other side I am testing as a Slug Barrier over some Lettuces I am about to plant in this Pot 
We still have half of our crops eaten by Slugs
  I put a little Beer in 2 chipped Mugs before a heavy downpour
 I am pleased to say that diluted Beer works just as well as neat Beer in Slug Pubs.  Drowning in Beer...what a way to end your life. Do I feel sorry for them ?  Not really at least they died happily ! 


  1. I am obliged to use slug pellets. I have an old stone wall on one side of my plot where they love to hang-out. I use 'wildlife friendly' pellets (which are more expensive) and it does the job perfectly. If I didn't, I wouldn't have a single plant left. I use them only when sowing or planting, once the plants are established they seem to leave them alone.

  2. Lots of slugs and snails around again this year. Perhaps you could also try using oatmeal, spread handfuls of it around on the ground. Simple, cheap and works as long as it is dry.

  3. Many thanks for commenting Cro and Rooko. I tried organic Slug Pellets Cro but I haven't tried Oatmeal yet Rooko. I will put some down when it stops raining. Marion x