Friday, 25 July 2014

KITCHEN GARDEN update July 2014

Just a few photos of our 2014 Kitchen Garden challenges
This is the first time we have grown and eaten ASPARAGUS PEAS. They look pretty strange and pale
They don't need support and just trail on the ground. I topped and tailed tail them before steaming them. We will pick them sooner next time as they tasted like Asparagus but were very woody 
Another first attempt. Our SWEET POTATOES have been happy in a pot outside but I have just put them in the Greenhouse. I read that they need a lot of heat and are not easy to grow in the UK
I used Shower Curtain rings to support their trailing stems
I bought some LETTUCE seeds which are sold for Children to grow
They were up within a day.  Next year I will be buying more Children's seeds if they are this reliable !
Last year our RHUBARB was eaten by Slugs
This year our new plants are growing in pots.  I now using Beer Cans on top of our Bamboo Canes to stop us poking our eyes out. The Rhubarb leaves are turning yellow. I don't know why ? 
That's all for today. Thank you for dropping by. Marion x


  1. Great idea about the beer cans!

  2. I love recycling so I put a little Beer in my Beer Traps Monica then use the empty Can to protect my eyes. Marion x