Friday, 4 July 2014

Kitchen Garden Review July 2014 and a few Garden Jokes

I am regrowing vegetables from stumps of supermarket vegetables
 My Pak choy stumps are surrounded with Slug Gone and copper wire. They are recovering well after being eaten by Slugs
The Broccoli Stumps have very pretty pale yellow flowers on them
Our one and only Pumpkin has stunning flowers now
We have eight fruit on our dear little Orange Tree
One tiny Pear and only one Cucumber
The hardest part is keeping them all alive !

Why did God make vegetables ?..........He wanted Peas on earth

What Fruit do Twins like ?..........Pears

Does Father Christmas like gardening ?
Yes that's why he keeps saying Hoe Hoe Hoe
Cheerio for now.  Marion x

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  1. They need water, sunshine, and a wary eye out for bugs. Otherwise they do it all by themselves.