Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Recycling a shirt to make a Zimmer Frame Bag Tutorial

I hope Hubby won't need his Zimmer Frame after his Neurosurgery
While he was watching Wimbledon today I quickly made a masculine bag for it, to help him carry things around more easily

Measure how wide it should be and add two inches for seams
Cut straight across the bottom of a shirt and across under the arms
Remove buttons and pocket if there is one
Turn under front band twice to make a firm top edge
Iron, pin and sew in place
Turn to wrong side. I know this is the wrong side because it is Hubby's old decorating shirt and is covered in paint !
Decide what is likely to be carried eg. Mobile, Newspaper, Remote Control etc....
Test how big you want the pockets to be. Pin around the outside edge. Sew around outside edge then trim with Pinking shears to stop fabric fraying
Turn to right side.  Iron well. Sew a line of stitching dividing one pocket into two
Try on Zimmer Frame
Sew a small piece of Velcro to the inside bottom corner to keep the Bag in place.
Velcro makes it easy to remove the bag if it ever needs washing
That's it folks. Easy peasy quick and simple but so useful
Thanks for dropping by today. Marion x


  1. Good for you. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Plus, there are many others out there who I'm sure are looking for something like this right now. Take care.

  2. So true Sam. I should have taken more step by step photos. I have just submitted it to Totally Tutorials for anyone to try making one. Marion x

  3. Hi from Greece :) Just saw your project on Totally Tutorials ..and came over for a visit here :) Yes, it is a very usefull and pretty solution you thought of..i know, i use such a walking aid. Only thing one should be aware of, is the extra weight put into the various pockets..one has to be careful with that, concerning "weightlifting" with every step and maintaining stability of course! Will have a look at your blog now..i try recycling too..although in smaller scale, mostly miniature! :) Many greetings, Anne

  4. Anna Thank you for pointing out the importance of not carrying anything heavy in the pockets. I do worry about an 86 year old Gentleman I know. He carries all of his gardening tools on his walker bless him. Take care now. Marion