Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sunflower. Possibly the prettiest Fly Catcher in the world ?

Our tiny Compost Bin in our Kitchen attracts tiny Fruit Flies
I bought a pack of four of these pretty Sunflower Fly Catchers
These Window Stickers have caught all of the tiny flies 
Maybe they would catch White Flies which people have a problem with in Greenhouses ?
Tried and tested and I would definately buy them again 
Cheerio for now. Marion x


  1. We are inundated with Horse Flies and Flying Ants at the moment. Do they sell them in EXTRA LARGE?

  2. They love red wine too. If I have just a bit left in my glass by morning they will have "drunk themselves silly"...dead. A little saucer of that will take care of them!
    I haven't seen anything like that in the states but I haven't really looked either. Yours is very attractive except for all the bugs on it but then that's it's purpose! LOL!

  3. They sell them on Ebay for a lot less than I paid for mine in town. I must buy some Wine to try this Sam. It would be great if they did make them bigger Cro. Marion x