Sunday, 31 August 2014

What I want at my Funeral please

When Hubby went for his Pre Op they asked tactfully had he thought about his " last wishes "  We realized what they meant was had he thought about the risk of dying during the operation.  It has made us both think about what our " last wishes " would be.
I wish to be Cremated. I don't want to be eaten by worms ! My Coffin must be as cheap as possible as it will be burnt

Nobody to dress in black. Everyone to wear bright happy colours.  A Funeral should be a celebration of a life

I don't want anyone to waste money on flowers. Instead of buying flowers please give a small donation to Canine Partners instead

      Music to be played while people are arriving at the Crematorium Look at the world by John Rutter

      Songs to sing instead of Hymns.  " You'll never walk alone " and " Love changes everything "

      If I die of Cancer I would like someone to read out the Cancer Poems I wrote in 1999

      Everyone to have a lovely meal in our local Pub afterwards paid for by me

      I would like my ashes to be scattered ....where ?  I will have to think about this  

      That's about it. Hopefully I will have time to change any of the above before I fall off my perch !  I am very well and intend to live to be 100. That's about all of my last wishes I can think of for now

      I believe that our Spirit lives on after death so I hope to pop back to earth to visit family and friends often !

       Bye for now.  Marion x

      Now I must remember to write down the name of my Blog somewhere so my family can find my last wishes !

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