Tuesday, 2 September 2014

88 Socks Crap Embroidery Borage Ice Cubes and Croutons

My first and last attempt at Free Motion Machine Embroidery. I took a photo before I threw them in the Bin. The Cotton kept breaking and I had so many tangles underneath I have given up !

I cleared up my Son's Bedroom and found 88 Socks that needed washing ! 

I have been freezing lots of Borage Flowers in Ice Cubes to put in drinks. 

When I cooked some Bacon I diced The end crusts on a loaf of Bread in the Pan. They are now delicious Bacon flavoured Croutons to put in Soup. I have bagged them up and put them in the Freezer
I have 81 Projects on my Crafts To Do list but the sun is out so I like to be out too
Bye for now.  Marion x

1 comment:

  1. The socks are fabulous; as a young man I don't think I ever owned 88. And bacon flavoured croutons; I'd eat those like pork scratchings (with drinks).