Monday, 19 October 2015

Five little Pigs Joke

Our Coach Driver on holiday last week told us this joke.
Five little pigs go out for Dinner. First little Pig has Roast Beef. The second has Roast Lamb. The third Roast Chicken and the fourth Roast Pork ! The fifth little Pig asks for just a gallon of water. Mummy Pig is worried." Are you unwell baby Pig why are you not ordering a Roast Dinner like your Brothers ? Only water ? Why ? " The baby pig replies." Dear mum have you forgotten that one of us has to go wee wee wee all the way home "


  1. The little Pig who ordered Roast Pork needs to see his psychiatrist.

  2. Hello Mouse, thanks for visiting the Crafty cats blog and nice to meet someone else who has troubles with the cats, Rowan is at present laid out by the keyboard with one leg threatening to cancel all this out. lol