Friday, 23 October 2015

Knitting for Charity at the Bay Norbreck Hotel Scarborough

We have just spent five days at the Bay Norbreck Hotel in Scarborough. Hotel guests are invited to knit a few rows to make Scarves for the Charity AGE UK.  102 Scarves have been knitted so far.  I added 4 inches to the white Scarf while I was there
 Somebody has started this and it is such a brilliant idea.  If anyone near the Hotel has any spare wool they could do with some more

The Bay Norbreck Hotel is the one with the lights on in the photo.  It was a lovely walk down to one of the two beaches below the Hotel in the evening 

South Beach
North Beach


  1. This is a fabulous idea, more charities could do this.

  2. so you have ventured up to Yorkshire welcome! What a good idea, I should go over as can get a free bus from Leeds but it takes about 3 hours!

  3. We had day trips to Whitby,York and the village where they filmed Heartbeat while we were there. What a lovely part of the UK