Thursday, 8 October 2015

Made to measure Shower Curtain Aprons Tutorial

If you need a lot of light plastic Aprons simply cut up a Shower Curtain
Cut strips off the bottom to make straps for both sizes before cutting out your aprons
If you want washable aprons check that the Shower Curtain is washable.  I didn't check and the design washed off which is why I cut up this Shower curtain !  Now I know why it was so cheap !

 Cut the material to the size you want. You should be able to cut 8 Aprons for slim Adults or 6 aprons for large Adults out of 1 Curtain. 

 For small Children you can make up to 12 aprons depending on their age and size.  For 12 aprons you may need to cut an extra strip off the bottom for more straps

The shower ring holes may be in the right place for attaching the neck strap for some of the aprons 
For making holes for the rest of the straps I used a hole punch.  If you need waist ties as well make holes at waist level 

Now it is the easy task of attaching the straps by simply tying a knot
You can round off the corners to make the aprons look nice
I hope this quick Tutorial is easy to understand  

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