Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Quick and easy no cut Tea Towel Apron and Needle threading

My lovely sister Kit bought me this fabulous tea Towel.  I LOVE IT but it is too good to use so it has never been used. I  have just made it into an Apron.  I didn't want to cut it so I just turned over the top corners and sewed about an inch from the fold. The straps are white Shoe Laces for Trainers which are simply threaded through the channels along the folds  

It is clearer to see the easy peasy way I made it looking at the back of another one I made. The only sewing involved is along the fold

I found it hard to thread my Sewing Machine Needle until I put some white card behind it to show where the hole is in the Needle.  I keep my little piece of card in my Sewing Kit. I hope this tip might help someone

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  1. love the tea towel what a good idea to make it into an apron, I really am lazy though about putting on aprons but when they look like yours maybe I would wear one more often and save my clothes from splashes etc. Very handy hint, I have resorted to removing the needle to thread it sometimes when struggling so will try your tip and make life easier