Sunday, 11 October 2015

Solvy Mini Owl, Iced Buns and poorly Charlie

With the dark evenings I am catching up with my Projects To Do 
I have called my mini Owl SOLVY as that is what I used to sew him.  When I had finished stitching I dunked him in a bowl of water and the Solvy disappeared instantly as if by magic ! 

Drying out now what should I do with him ?

Our Son's first attempt at making Iced Buns from the Paul Hollywood Recipe turned out very well. So soft and light and delicious.  He proved them in our Airing Cupboard

Poor Charlie after his anaesthetic for his xray.  He is not allowed long walks as he has a hip problem. He is only three and a half.
I have put on half a stone since we had to stop his long walks
Back again soon.  Marion x


  1. Yes, poor Charlie indeed. He seems very young to be having hip problems. We, sadly, had to have poor Monty put-down at four year's old on account of his awful health problems. It's not easy owning pets; is it.

    1. The Vet said he may have been born with his hip problem. It is awful Cro that they can't tell us if they are in pain. Dogs expect so little from us but give us so much love bless them