Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Craft Group good Glue and poorly Spaniel

It is hard to think about Christmas when a member of our family is poorly. Charlie had a Toe Operation today and is now waiting for a Knee Operation. He is only three years old and also has Hip Dysplacia.

I started making a tiny Christmas Wreath from a Curtain Ring. This is as far as I have got !  I am posting a photo of it as I want to share how pleased I am with the glue. I borrowed some at a Craft Group and had to buy some as it is brilliant. It is very quick drying and user friendly

Some of the Christmas Decorations made at the Craft Group


  1. You would hardly believe how many tubes and tubs I have of useless glue. I'm like a magnet for unstickability.

    1. Sorry to hear about poor Charlie, I hate it when our dogs are not well; I feel so useless.