Saturday, 9 January 2016

Comforting White Feathers and Hearts

 When I am feeling stressed or very low small White Feathers float down in front of me outdoors. I look up and find no birds flying around. Someone said that the Feathers are from my Guardian Angel
 Tiny White Feathers also appear in my Home
I find the tiny White Feathers comforting.  I feel that they are sent from loved ones who have passed over saying "Hi we are still here for you and we are watching over you"

 I took Hubby up a cup of tea in Bed and spilt some Tea in the Loaf Tin I had used as a Tray to carry it upstairs. The shape of a Heart appeared in the spilt Tea. That day a red Heart shaped leaf appeared on my doorstep. I wonder if these signs are really sent to comfort me ?  Is this happening to anyone else ?


  1. About three days ago I frightened one of my hens. She flew up in the air and one small white feather floated down after her. One of the other hens ate it at once. I was quite shocked!

  2. I have heard that a white feather means your guardian angel is watching over you, you are certainly being well watched, I have only had one white feather that appeared in my home a few years ago, it meant so much as I had lost Mum and I am sure it was to tell me she was okay and at peace with Dad. Loving the heart too

  3. Dear Marion - such a lovely thought about feathers. Perhaps someone is sending you a sign or two. Hope you have a delightful week. Hugs!

  4. Thank you for your comments Cro, Margaret and Debbie. I found two white feathers on the floor at work yesterday. One was in the Hall and one was in a Shower Room ! They are following me everywhere at the moment. Marion x