Saturday, 23 April 2016


Our Kitchen Garden is very time consuming at the moment

Vegetable Seedlings in our cold Greenhouse. The minimum temperature in there is 10 degrees. Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radish, Beetroot, Spring Onions. Poached Egg Flowers to attract Hoverflies. Catnip for our 4 Cats 

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Runner Beans and stumps of Supermarket Spring Onions regrowing
It is too cold to sow anything outdoors

My Automatic Window Opener isn't working well. It opens when it is hot but won't close itself 

 All only £1 each from the Charlie Dimmock range in Poundland
 I really feel for Charlie Dimmock. She sadly lost her Mum and Stepfather in the Tsunami
Garden rotavated. Potatoes planted are not up yet. Raspberry Bushes are in. I catch at least 100 Slugs every evening. The ones I find in our Compost Bin at 11pm are as long as my fingers !

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  1. My stuff is mostly in. I have yet to plant out the Pumpkins/Squashes/etc, or my Winter greens, but otherwise all is done. One side of my patch is bounded by a stone wall, so slug pellets (wildlife friendly) are essential.