Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Trunk face 3 Experiments Seed Tapes, Labels and Netting

Another Pareidolia face....pretty scary !

Experiment One. Crop Protection. 
I am happy with the BLACK MESH and the BLUE NETTING which let rain through and it is easy to see what is growing inside.
 The soil is bone dry under the WHITE MESH and I can't see through it so I will recover it in BLUE NETTING

Experiment Two.  Seed Tapes
  The Seed Tapes contains a  a weed suppressant as well as seeds
I am going to try making my own Seed Tapes 

Experiment Three. Recycled Plant Labels
 I made these out of wooden slats from an old Venetian Blind. Marked and ready for cutting into lengths. I wonder how long they will last.
I have started knitting again and have a few more Craft Projects to finish...

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