Sunday, 31 July 2016

Garden Update 31July 2016 Frogs and Slugs and Bees

I have had to destroy most of my outdoor Tomatoes which were affected by blight. My Greenhouse Tomatoes are still healthy
A few Bees have arrived at last to pollinate our Runner Beans
We have been eating Runner Beans, Spring Onions, Potatoes and Tomatoes
My Cucumbers are still struggling 

I have dug up all of our Potatoes
We have so many enormous Slugs which are too big for our little Frogs to eat.  I go Slugs Hunting at 11pm every evening and find around 50 in our Vegetable Patch. There are always quite a few Frogs around our Pond at that time. They look so cute.  

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  1. Nice crop of potatoes! Mine were planted in the wrong place this year, a bit shady and dry for them but still getting a few nice ones. Snails were a problem in my garden at one time, this year it's slugs, found a massive one crawling on the top of my garden parasol this morning - what on earth was it doing there!